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Coal Mining

Carving Nature's Treasures..

"Carving Nature's Treasures: Like skilled artisans, we carve out and reveal the treasures hidden within the Earth, contributing to the world's beauty, prosperity, and technological advancement."



"Eco-Mining: For a Greener Tomorrow: Our mining practices prioritize eco-friendliness, promoting a sustainable future where our planet's resources are extracted responsibly, minimizing environmental impact."

Our Directors

Our directors consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about the construction and building industry. We strive to provide our customers with high quality materials to help them build their projects in a timely fashion. Our commitment is to deliver quality products at competitive prices, while offering excellent customer service...




Mr. Bilal Pasha serves as the CEO of SAP Silks, a company known for its prominent presence in the silks industry. With a wealth of experience and a strong vision, Mr. Pasha has successfully steered SAP Silks to new heights of excellence. His leadership is marked by a dedication to sustainable and responsible mining practices, as well as a commitment to innovation and technological advancement.







Mr. Aslam Pasha is a dynamic and accomplished individual who serves as the Managing Director and founder of SAP Silks, a prominent company in the resource extraction industry. With a proven track record of leadership and innovation, Mr. Pasha has played a pivotal role in establishing SAP Silks as a leader in the sector. His vision and dedication have been instrumental in the company's growth and success.


Innovation Beneath The Earth, Inspiring  Above It...

Sap  Silks

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